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Sep 20, 2022 | SEO

TubeBuddy for your Youtube channel


Written by informatii.servicii


Commissions and benefits TubeBuddy:

  • TubeBuddy offers 30%- 50% commission recurring commission


TubeBuddy offers:

  • artificial intelligence tools, SEO optimization, analytics, channel reviews
  • keyword research
  • maximize headline impact, to increase CTR

  • Generate revenue from ads broadcast on YouTube channel content
  • Use the Super Chat feature to generate money
  • You build a loyal audience
  • Custom Emojis
  • Badges 
  • Members Only Posts
  • Exclusive live streams
  • Access to live chat
  • Stream live
  • YouTube channel subscriptions


Program details:

• 30-50% recurring commission

• Payments sent via PayPal

Quick starting steps:

  • Log in to your affiliate dashboard. There you’ll find your unique affiliate link, account profile, marketing materials (banners, text links, etc.), performance stats, and payment information.
  • link:

Tools for Youtube


    • Use already written texts in different areas of YouTube: 1

    • Create upload profile
    • Sorting and filtering for videos
    • Use still frames from video and text/image overlays
    • Get ideas for video topics:5
    • Embed videos and playlists and customize the appearance of the video or playlist
    • Formatting comments and replies
    • Identificati videoclipurile care sunt marcate ca fiind destinate copiilor
    • Add emoji to video titles, tags and descriptions
    • Make quick connections
    • Edit videos from a YouTube playlist
    • See tag suggestions as you type: 3
    • Keyword research tool for YouTube and Google Trends: 3 results in each category, 25 searches per day
    • Search Explorer – search term search tool for YouTube: 3 results in each category, 25 searches per day
    • Create and manage tag lists: 3
    • See where your video ranks in search results
    • Reorder the video tags for the video
    • Copy tags from videos with higher rankings in search results
    • Show off your recent achievements on social media
    • Publish videos when is the best time
    • You pick a random winner who sees the videos
    • Back up video metadata
    • Statistici despre videoclipuri
    • Monitors the value of the channel
    • Compare your channel with a competitor’s channel
    • Find out what people are saying about your videos
    • Find words that could cause your video to be demonetized
    • Choose in which languages ​​to create title and description translations
    • Statistici cu informații despre videoclipuri și canale
    • TubeBuddy mobile app is 100% free


    email marketing

    PRO = Package FREE + next:

      • Add templates to videos

      • Set a video as the end screen template

      • Automatic checks if the video is configured correctly

      • Optimize your video metadata for a keyword

      • Track the position of the video in YouTube search

      • See what’s working and do analytics – demographics, search traffic, other videos, watch time

      • Benefits for members




        • You schedule the publication
        • Schedule video changes for a future date
        • Removing videos at a later date
        • Automate the process of copying cards into videos
        • Automate the copying of end screens in videos
        • Delete cards from videos
        • Automate the deletion of end screens
        • Remove from video titles and descriptions, replace a link from video descriptions, insert a social profile
        • Add your company logo
        • Automate video cards
        • Automate the end screen update for videos
        • Review old demonetized videos
        • Track your video ranking on YouTube and Google: 5 keywords
        • Increasing performance and video analytics




        • Give others access to your account

        • See which titles generate the highest CTR

        • Compare your channel with the competition in views, subscribers, uploads
        • You are notified when a client uploads a video
        • Export comments to CSV file
        • Identify audience trends
        • Generate the most clicks

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